Busy life~

Posted Friday, August 6, 2010 by •*¨*•♫♪ Vivace_Min ♪♫•*¨*•
Now it's time for studying... Although that i din feel i wanna study...
Today 4 periods of XXX lessons... WOW~ really cannot stand it... Sleepy @_@
What she tell us: "When PMR coming, i won't teach adee, but you all will just memorize the 4-PAGES long ancient essay then can adee..."
OMG!!!! What the heck... Our brain is already busy with the History, Geografi and KH... Then you want us to memorize such nonsense thingy... @#%$^&!!!!
Lets forget about it... Let it be like i din hear anything she said today... La la la~

Well, last Sunday is enjoyable... Hehe ^^
My coach bring us to a table tennis match~ (of coz we are just watching but not playing, or else "mempersiasuikan" [special language] xD)
After that, he really bring us to Queensbay mall... Omg...
Haiz... That day i din bring money... No syok... T_T
But it's the first time i hang our with friend until so late... 10.45pm only reach home ^__^
Thanks daddy and mommy for let me go to the cinema...
I love you dad, i love you mum! *muackz*

A lot of first times happen in this year...
I will appreciate them... 0(^O^)0


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